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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo Gallery: Prince William & Catherine Middleton "The Royal Wedding" pictures.

Photo Gallery: Prince William & Catherine Middleton "The Royal Wedding" pictures. Here's a collection of wedding images from the much anticipated bonding of two hearts. The couple first met in 2001, while both were students at the University of St Andrews. Their engagement, which began on 20 October 2010, was announced on 16 November 2010. The wedding took place at Westminster Abbey 29th April 2011 at 11am.

Prince William is the elder son of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales, and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. As such, he is second, behind his father, in the line of succession to the throne in 16 independent states known as the Commonwealth realms. William was educated at Ludgrove School, Eton College, and the University of St Andrews, after which he was commissioned as an officer from Sandhurst in the Blues and Royals regiment of the Household Cavalry. He later transferred to the RAF and went on to become a full-time pilot with the Search and Rescue Force at RAF Valley, Anglesey. **

Catherine "Kate" Middleton is the eldest of three children born to Michael and Carole Middleton. She was educated at St Andrew's School in Pangbourne, Marlborough College, and the University of St Andrews. After graduating, she worked in retail and then as an accessories buyer/catalogue photographer at her parents' business. She is primarily of English descent, but with a few distant Scottish and French Huguenot ancestors. Her paternal family came from Leeds, West Yorkshire, while her mother's maternal family, the Harrisons, were working-class labourers and miners from County Durham. **

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** wikipedia

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easy Steps: Fool your officemates "Fake hacking".

Easy Steps: Fool your officemates "Fake hacking". Make them respect you! Learn bluff hack techniques. Make a hack look like its happening. Then you can laugh your way leaving them eyes wide..amused..and thinking! LMAO! :p

Using Google Chrome's "inspect element" feature you will be able to read the path and coding of the whole website. Programmers use this tool to see specific web coding element.

1. Since we will be using google chrome, you need to download and install it in your system.
2. Launch your Google Chrome web browser.
3. Let's say were fake hacking Yahoo and you want to change the text on "Login" as "Anonymously Hacked" or your name or something else.
4. Highlight the text you wanted to change, then right click using your mouse and choose "Inspect Element".
5. Google chrome will pull-up the website's coding structure. You don't need to panic with all these code in front of you. All you need to do is locate the text you wanted to change. Click on it and type the new text. Then click on a blank area of the "Inspect Element" page to save your new settings. Close the page element window...
6. Now you own yahoo. Brag this.. then laugh afterwards! LMAO!
7. if you wanted to put your own image on the target website. Just do the same. Highlight the image the "inspect element". Locate the image location code. Remove the code and replace with any picture/image URL you want. Again, click on a blank area of the "Inspect Element" page to save your new settings. Voila..you got your picture up there.

I am not promoting any negative intention here. Just teaching people how to use google chromes inspect element feature. Yes they can be very helpful and can be very harmful. LOL! :p

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Easy Steps: Photoshop designing for kids. Fun Learning!

Kids! We all have them.. Yeah, it's either you are the parent or you're the kid. Then, learning photoshop designs will be a very fun learning experience for you. Photoshop lesson for beginners.

With photoshop each object is called a layer, and with these layers you create editing or color effect manipulation. Applying masks, filters, and effects. You can create real life image designs or create logos, banners, cards, and website mock ups. Photoshop also have brushes that you can download free.

Watch the Photoshop Tutorial videos..

Some photoshop designs by bea..

For complete Graphic and advance photoshop effects tutorial go to www.webdesign.8rf.org
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Top All time Bisaya jokes: Funniest collection and bisaya funny photo gallery.

Top of the list: The all time best Funny Bisaya Jokes collection. Mga istorya kataw-anan, komedya, bugal bugal, himantayon, hanggaw, kinatok, joker, libakera, buang, bastos, politiko, sugbo, iliganon, plipaks, praning, bugo, ug uban pang gitik sa kinabuhi.

**Korny nga Joke..
Mga drayber sikad..
Mando: Maasin man inyo do sa?
Bends: Oo..y man?
Mando: Wahahahah! daghan Asin ngadto..parat ang mga tao!
Bends: Taka lang ka! ... Ikaw taga dis-a man ka?
Mando: Butuan..
Bends: Wahahah...! Wahahahah...! Wahahhah!
Mando:... ?

*TAGALOG Lesson 101

Maestra: Class, our lesson for today is Tagalog. Juan, use "ng" in a sentence. Gamitin ang salitang "ng" sa wastong pangungusap.
Juan: Maayong gabii, Nang.

Caloy: Doc, unsa man nga kada gabii damgohon man ko nga NBA player kuno ko. Ako ang point guard sa Lakers.
Doctor: Buweno, tagaan tika ug reseta aron dili ka na damgohon.
Caloy: Ayaw lang sa Doc kay championship ron namong gabii.

Amahan: Wala ka'y uwaw nga pagka-anak. Nakit-an ka sa atong silingan nga nisulod ug gay bar. Bayot ka! Bayot ka! Imong gipakaulawan ang atong pamilya. Maayo pa'y molayas ka aron dili ako makonsomisyon nga ako duna'y anak nga bayot!

Anak: Saba diha, Tay uy! Mora sag dili ka bayot!!!

*Erap sa Grade 1..
Sa grade 1 pa si Erap, nakigkomparar siya sa iyang mga classmates kung kinsay mas dako og pikoy. Iyang na-obserbahan nga mas dako siya og pikoy kay sa uban. Pag-abot niya sa ilang bay, iyang gipangutana iyang amahan bahin sa iyang pikoyc

Erap: Pa, akong gikomparar akong pikoy sa akong mga classmates. Mas dako kaayo akoa. Kaliwat na nato nga dagko og pikoy?
Amahan: Dili, Dong. Mas dako ka og pikoy kay 21 anyos ka na man gud!

**original by sifu joomla

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun Easy Steps: Coreldraw designing for kids.

Coreldraw designing is fun and you can teach your kids how to explore and enjoy the great features of this Graphic design editing application. The artistic side of your kids will show and soon you'd have the new Pixar 3d animators working in your living room. Everything starts from exploration, then appreciation, then maybe get serious to it. Let's start with the basics then you'll learn to love and won't get intimidated anymore with the loads of icons..

First you got to have your Coreldraw application installed. Then Click on the icon to launch it.
1. To start drawing, first check on the tools on your left and the color wheel on your right. Okay that would be easy, that means you'll be using the left toolbar for editing and the right is pretty obvious (for colors).
2. With Coreldraw, the tool that you'll be using most of the time is the Picker or selection tool that would be the arrow icon at the top of your left toolbar. You'll be using this in selecting images and in manipulating them.
3.  To add an image, you need to use the "import link" at the "File" menu bar. Click on "file" then choose import, then you can locate the picture and import it to your workspace.
4. To add text. All you need to do is click on the "A" icon at the left toolbar (that icon's already pretty familar that stands for text editing) . Once selected and you start typing your word you can also make some changes on its formatting or layout.

That's pretty much it. Go first with checking all the tools. Try all the features and you'll get a lot of great designs you can't imagine that you'll be learning. Explore! Explore!

Here are some samples my daughter Beatrice Mae worked on Coreldraw..then did some touches Corel Photopaint.

Designs by: Beatrice Mae Garcia

Complete Graphic design free tutorials at www.freelanceportal.8rf.org and Coding Quick Help!

"Inking the fight" 2011 Top 10 Best MMA Fighter Tattoos. Plus Joe Rogan buddha tattoo sleeve!

"Inking the fight" 2011 Top 10 Best Fighter Tattoos.

This is a collection of 2011 best Mixed-martial-arts, boxer, wrestler, and people who work around the combat sports world picture gallery showcasing their body inks work of art. From the Oriental theme koi, dragon, hanya mask, lotus.. to portraits.. to bio mechanical and 3D designs.

See Miami Ink TV series Full episodes at www.topmoviearchive.8rf.org

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Youtube TOP favorite video: f(x) Pinocchio피노키오 "Danger". Another smash hit from Korea's teen pop superstars.

Youtube TOP favorite video: f(x) Pinocchio피노키오 "Danger". Another smash hit from Korea's teen pop superstars.

f(x) The name is a play on the mathematical notation for function, with "f" signifying "flower" and "x" representing the female's double X chromosome. Fresh techo-hiphop beat with a very crisp vocal transition flow. Check this new video from f(x) and see why it is Youtube's top favorite video. A lot of people are into the Korean style of pop singing which brings a different and more technical approach to the genre. But still keeping the sweet pop style presentation.

f(x) Consists the following members:
Victoria (Hangul: 빅토리아) born February 2, 1987 (age 24) as Song Qian (Chinese: 宋茜) (Leader, Vocalist, Main Dancer)
Amber (Hangul: 엠버) born September 18, 1992 (age 18) as Amber Josephine Liu (Chinese: 劉逸雲) (Main Rapper, Vocalist)
Luna (Hangul: 루나) born August 12, 1993 (age 17) as Park Sun Young (Hangul: 박선영) (Main Vocalist)
Sulli (Hangul: 설리) born March 29, 1994 (age 17) as Choi Jin-ri (Hangul: 최진리) (Vocalist)
Krystal (Hangul: 크리스탈) born October 24, 1994 (age 16) as Jung Soo-jung (Hangul: 정수정) (Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer)

Promotional singles
2009: "La Cha Ta" (Hangul: 라차타; stylized as "LA chA TA")[8] (released on September 1, 2009)
2009: "Chu" (Hangul: 츄; stylized as "Chu~♡") (released on November 9, 2009)
2010: "Nu ABO" (Hangul: NU 예삐오)[4] (released on May 4, 2010)
2010: "Mr. Boogie" (released on July 17, 2010)

Other songs
2009: "Chocolate Love" (electro-pop version)[3] (released on October 7, 2009)
2010: "Lollipop" (Chinese) (ft. M.I.C) (released on January 2, 2010)
2010: "Thrill Love" OST for "Hungry Romeo, Luxury Juliet" (released on March 17, 2010)
2010: "I Love You, I Love You" OST for "More Charming by the Day" (released on March 21, 2010)
2011: "You Are Hiding A Secret" OST for "Paradise Ranch" (released on January 26, 2011)

Want free download mp3's? free mp4s, f(x) free ringtones, free f(x) songs download...

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easy Steps: Learn how to design your facebook page.

Step by step Facebook design guide.
On the internet having a branded/designed Facebook landing page is selling like pancakes. Hiring programmers and web designers to work on the design and implementation process for a business, entertainment, or organization like designed fan page. Unlike other social networking sites. facebook wont allow us to design pages, but we can use the application to add and manipulate their own version of html tag coding language FBML or even better the "iframe".

Sifu Knows! FBML and iframe landing/fan pages style. Or the more simple step of using your own image and mapping the links. I will be covering all 3 techniques/approach.

Things you must know about Facebook programming platform:
  • Facebook "Don't have" Coding Support — Facebook provides only a small box for you to code in, and provides no syntax coloring or syntax compiling.
  • Old HTML and CSS — Code your Facebook Page like you would any page using simple HTML and CSS. Most of the code will act exactly the same way. As long as you are using plain html coding.
  • Load CSS Externally — if using CSS, it should be loaded using an external stylesheet file instead of using an internal style sheet. Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 can’t read internal stylesheets on Facebook Pages.
  • Host Files on Another Server — Facebook doesn't host your files for you. Every image, CSS file, Flash video, or other external file needs to be saved elsewhere.
  • All links are Absolute — All liks to external files must be absolute. Write an image link like http://www.example.com/images/picture.jpg. Don’t write images/pictures.jpg.
     Adding FBML application:
    • Click “Edit Page” on your Facebook Page.
    • Click “Apps” on the left side of the page.
    • Under the FBML section click “Go to App.” If you don’t see this, please add the “Static FBML” application to your Facebook Page.
    • Copy and paste your HTML code into the FBML box.
    • Title your FBML. This will show up in the tab at the top of the landing page. While you may want to use “Welcome,” remember that those who Like you will not land on this tab. Instead they will land on your wall and will see another tab that says “Welcome” at the top. We used “Who We Are.” Hopefully you can think of something more creative.
    • Click “Save Changes.”
    • Go view your Facebook landing page.

    Choose any designing approach fits your knowledge or try learning the advance techniques.
    I. Simplest Approach:
    1. Use an existing image or you can design a layout. Make sure the width of the image is 520px , that is the measurement of the FB content area, the height doesn't matter.
    2. Upload your image to your server, photobucket, google sites, or anywhere so you can use it live on the web.
    3. Map links. let's say on the part of the image you want it click-able. Like putting a like button or links to other pages. You can do this by using an online image link mapping tool at http://www.image-maps.com/
    4. Copy and paste the generated code inside the <body></body> tags. That means copy everything inside those codes.
    5. Then do the adding FBML app steps:
    II. FBML designing:
    - For HTML and CSS coders.. Design or code a layout using dreamweaver or Microsoft frontpage. Make sure the width of your content is 520px. Upload your files on your server. Then do the adding FBML app steps:

    Adding a YouTube Video or SWF File — fb:swf
    Fb:swf will display an image that when clicked will show a video. For example, the code below will display the thumbnail used for The Social Network movie trailer. When that image is clicked, the trailer’s YouTube video will automatically play.

    III. iFrame designing: 
    1. Page width should be 520px
    2. Design your page on Photoshop then map links or directly create a html/css version of the page
    3. Upload the files to your server/hosting company.
    Then the following facebook iframe app configuration steps.
    We need to go to the Facebook Developer website.
    Click on the “Set Up New App”.
    Click “Create App” . If asked to get verified, you have to do this first.
    Go to “Web Site” section and delete the index.html so we won't get a validation error. Then save vhanges.
    Next go to. “Facebook Integration”.
    In this section we’ll do the following:
    •     Name our App under “Canvas Page”. This will be our Application URL (kind of important)
    •     Copy our directory route under “Canvas URL”. Remember to eliminate the “index.html” at the end
    •     “Canvas Type” will be “iFrame” of course
    •     And under “iFrame Size” select “Auto-resize”. We don’t want any scrollbars displaying
    Now scroll down on the same section and we will find the “Page Tabs” configuration. We’ll do two things here:
    1.     Name the Tab. This name is the one that will be displayed on your page so name it something like “Welcome”. I just named it “iframetest″ since this is just a test
    2.     For “Page Tab Type” you will again select “iFrame”
    3.     And under “Tab URL” type “index.html”. That’s the name of your actual HTML file. You remember that, right?
    Now hit the “Save Changes” button. As soon as we do, we’ll be taken to this intimidating page with lots of information including our App ID, API Key, App Secret, etc. Leave. Don't bother giving yourself a headache figuring that out.

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    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Cimorelli sisters - Youtube's sweet singing teen vocal harmony sensation.. Top of the charts.

    Cimorelli Band - youtube sensation teen pop singing sisters from California Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani. Showcasing excellent vocal harmony and sweet looks, made their way to stardom in the famous social video blogging network. Thousands of clicks and millions "likes" Cimorelli made it big for their cover of Miley Cyrus' song "Party in the USA" with more than 2 million and counting viewers. Big in America, now hitting Asia and Europe like a Tsunami. Watch all Cimorelli videos.

    "The first public performances began when Christina, Katherine, and Lisa joined their church's children’s choir at ages 9, 8, and 6 yrs. old. There they received classical training as they sang in two-part harmony on pieces by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and Handel, as well as traditional hymns. Within a couple of years, they began singing three-part barbershop and vocal jazz arrangements as a trio and started performing locally. "

    List of Songs:
    "Firework" by Katy Perry - Cover by CIMORELLI!
    "Perfect", by Pink - cover by CIMORELLI!
    "Price Tag", by Jessie J and BOB - Cover by CIMORELLI!
    "Friday" by Rebecca Black, cover by CIMORELLI
    "Dynamite", by Taio Cruz - Cover by CIMORELLI!
    "Just the Way You Are", by Bruno Mars - Cover by CIMORELLI
    "Teenage Dream", by Katy Perry - Cover by CIMORELLI!
    "Pray" by Justin Bieber - Cover by CIMORELLI!
    "Coming Home", Mashup by CIMORELLI!
    "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift - Cover by Cimorelli!
    "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus - Cover by Cimorelli!

    Saw my daugther bea (my almost 11 year old bratz miss hannah icarly acdc girl) kept on watching their videos and signing along with them.. like almost everytime she uses the internet. Yes, these Quintet from California had reach their audience and made them loved 'em. Even asked her dad Sifu Joomla to create them a fan site.. that has it all. Radio station, chat, videos, latest news about the band, fashion page for each member, people to signup and meet friends and can design their own profile page (unlike facebook). And Sifu Joomla can't say no to her little brat, even added asking to design Cimorelli's facebook landing fan page (Sifu Knows FBML coding language) and a custom Youtube layout theme.. Sifu had made designs for free and gave tutorials on site app development. Let's see 'till bea and her dad launches their Cimorelli Fan website.

    For more information or to contact the band send an e-mail to: info@cimorellimusic.com

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